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Eight Hour Continuing Education Courses for:
Florida Elevator Mechanic Certificate of Competency Holders (CC)
Nationally Qualified NAESA-QEI and EIWPF-QEI
(Qualified Elevator Inspectors)
Continuing Education Requirements

Florida Certified Elevator Inspection is approved by the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Bureau of Elevator Safety, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International (NAESA) and the IUEC-Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund (EIWPF) as Continuing Education Course Providers for Florida Elevator Mechanic Certificate of Competency holders (CC) and for the National QEI eight hour continuing education requirement for QEI inspectors.  Classes will be scheduled in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa / Clearwater and the Orlando area.  We will also coordinate "on-site" classes for larger companies or Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with adequate class enrollment.  Please frequent our website for class schedule updates and to locate a class near you.  Feel free to contact Jill or Susie at our main office: (888) 964-4445 for additional information or class enrollment.

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Continuing Education Class Announcement

Florida Certified Elevator Inspection
Continuing Education Seminar for
National NAESA QEI, EIWPF QEI and Florida CC:


Upcoming Classes:

Date:  October 24, 2009
Time:  8:00 AM - 5- PM
Hampton Inn
7801 S.W. 6th Street
Plantation, FL  33324
Call:  (954) 382 - 4500 for directions or reservations

Download application:
Click here to download application for this class (PDF Format)
or call for info!

Date:  Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time:  8:00 AM - 5 PM
Holiday Inn Select
3535 Ulmerton Road
Clearwater, FL  33762
Call:  (727) 577 - 9100 for directions or reservations

Download application:
Click here to download application for this class (PDF Format)
or call for info!

   Pre-Registration is required.

Courses will have limited enrollment so don't delay!

Contact Susie or Jill at our main office: (888) 964-4445 to reserve your seat
or fax us your completed registration form toll free at:
(866) 644-0130.

Please check back often for dates and locations as they
will be posted on our website or you may contact
our main office to reserve your seat in advance!

Some Feedback and Comments From Our Classes
(All comments submitted are listed and quoted exactly)

Fort Lauderdale, FL - May 26, 2007

"Great class.....Susie is GREAT!"

"Again very good.  Thank you!"

"Very nice class.  Thank you."

""Good class - Thanks."

"Well done once again.  Thank you."


"Memorial Day Weekend?" 
(Sorry Bri...... life is tuff!....lol)

"My recommendation,, if possible, use more pictures in the presentation.
Everything was excellent!"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the detail explanation provided in the class."

Plantation, FL - March 10, 2007

"Good Class!"

"Good lecture, up to date.  CD handouts a plus!"

"I thought the class was very informative."

"Understandable with # of attendees the way the class was set up.
Would be nice if class could be separated for techs and inspectors.
Good overall info."

"Inspector dominated class, yet still informative.  More video would break it up."

"We need advanced class for inspectors."

"Thanks for your professionalism, its needed and appreciated."

"Useful information...... Thanks!"

"Class is very good, informative and dynamic. I only will suggest the use of more
videos and / or photos. Thanks Tom and Bill." 

"Very well done, nice job.  Thanks."

"Class was meant for inspectors, not elev. techs."

"I realize you're probably required t cover a certain quantity of material, however,
some items would have been good if we could have stayed on them for complete understanding."

"Very informative, we done.  But class was meant for inspectors and not mechanics.
Teach and tell mechanics about new products, settings, adjusting, etc."  (Susie says ???....learn that
from the prints and your supervisor!......just my opinion)

Miami, FL - February 5, 2007 (AHJ's)

"" should be contracted by AHJ's to document fraudulent elevator inspections
and certifications.  This was an intensely interesting course that is highly
beneficial and productive."

"Thanks again for an informative class.  You guys are great!"

"Again, a very good class."

"I find your class to be informative each time and very helpful to us all. Thank you."

"Great Class!!  Don't change a thing!"

"Very informative...don't change a thing."

"Interesting, informative and helpful."

"Very informative (once again).  Thank you."

"Great class!"

"As always, excellent presentation.  Both Tom and Bill are a class act!"

"Excellent.  Very informative."

"The class was over my estimation...very informative."

"Read the code less and provide better examples of actual requirements.
Less criticizing - more code related subjects"

"Excellent class and thanks for your excellences.
"In the future a class in how to inspect elevators."  (?)

Plantation, FL - December 16, 2006

"Very Informative!"

"Great class."

"Useful information - good. Thanks."

"All the information is correct and maintains the attention of the class. Thanks."

"Excellent course - good instructors - this is my 2nd year. This is much better
than others I've attended.  Bill and Tom were great."

"Very in-depth & informative. Covered some things we invariably overlook. Appreciate it."

"Very good class - could use two days."

"Excellent class. Very informative presentation. Both Tom & Bill were very good,
Thank you. Restroom facility at hotel - poor."

"Thank you. Good class."

"Useful information - good. Thanks."

"Frank, Tom & Bill, thanks again for another job well done. Please thank Susie for fitting me in
the class at the last minute.  Feel free to email me any info or updates on anything & everything."

"Good job."

"Very good."


"Thank you, a very good class as always. Lots of information & research for us."

"Very good."

"Class good - very informative. Need better hotel - no restaurant, bar or hot tub (jokingly)."

"Good information. Thanks."

"Great info as always!"

"Loads of valuable information. Thanks and keep up the good work guys!!"

"Very good class. A lot of valuable information. Second year taken."

"Make class longer."

"Would like to receive code updates & any changes. Positive learning experience. Thanks Tom & Bill."

"Good job guys."

"Great class."

"Good class. Would like to see more handouts on information covered. Keep up the good work."

"Good class!"

Clearwater, FL - December 9, 2006

"Another great class. See ya next year."

"Lots of great info - great for young mechanics."

"I really appreciate the depth and dedication you people go to, to keep us
well informed.  Thanks for everything."

"Excellent presentation. Very well done.  Thanks."

Lake Buena Vista (Orlando area), FL - December 2, 2006

"One of the best code classes I ever attended, and hope to attend every year."

"Very informative as usual!!  I look forward to seeing you again next year.
How about trying to have a little more class participation."

"Very informative as always.  Professional and a pleasure to be involved
with this company along with Tom, Bill and Frank.  Thanks for the CD."


"Outstanding!  Fully appreciate your taking time to educate us on latest code updates.
Each of you display knowledge and experience in your field.  Thank you."

"Great job.  Would like to have info more on alteration requirements scope."

"Excellent!  Excellent!  Class!!  Thank all of you that prepared the material for this
8 hr. class.  By far the best 8 hr. class I've attended.  Will recommend that all
Otis Orlando employees take this class!"

"Nice job."

"Excellent class - covered a lot of material - very professionally presented."

"Tom did not allow time for Hooter's photo shot of calendar girls."
From:  "Mustang Ted"
(Note:  Hooter's was photographing their calendar girls down the street at the time of the class)

Hollywood, FL - May 13, 2006

"The class was very insightful, very informative. Bill I've know for years and can't say enough
about. Tom I'm very glad we met, look forward to seeing you in the future."

Miami, FL - May 1, 2006 (AHJ Class)

"As always, lots of info, not enough time. The best class for re-certification once again.
Thank you both!"

"Excellent Class!"

Clearwater, FL - April 29, 2006

"1) Outstanding job - presentation well done.  2) Very meaningful info.
3)"My brain is full".  4) I would highly recommend this course.
5) Very well worth the time, effort & costs to travel 1400 miles to attend."

"This course needs to be given to the Union (all) mechanics; introduce into their PACE
program. They would find the course very helpful. This class was very helpful.
Thank you."

"Great 1st impression - organized, handout ready - Bill & Tom welcomed everyone
as they came in - Good teamwork changing presenters, keeps it moving - Reasonable
amount of levity to break the 8 hours of intense study."

"Very good class with much new information."

"Very informative."

"This class was a lot better than the ones that I've been to in Ocean City, MD.
Very straight forward, informative & presented very well!"

Fort Lauderdale, FL - February 18, 2006

"Tom & Bill great job again.
On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 10 plus. Great job. Thanks again."

"Great info on State & field inspection. Great fun. Class went fast."

"Best class I've attended in years. Informative and well done.
Both Tom & Bill did a great job."

"The blue background on your video presentation should be a lighter shade so you
can read. *The highlighted color words are very difficult to read or maybe change
the color of the highlighted words!"
(*Noted and will be addressed)

"Would like to see an active movement to add code classes to the elevator school
to best train the new helpers & mechanics. Present code related info to
management & field supers of elevator companies."

"A facility with more public restrooms."

Kissimmee, FL - January 21, 2006

"Par excellence, as usual."

"Very informative and professionally presented.
A course outline would be helpful for note taking."

Miami, FL - December 11, 2005 (Private Company Class)

"Excellent class, presentation superb, very informative."

Fort Lauderdale, FL - December 10, 2005

"I loved the class, I will do it again next year. Thank you. Well worth it!"

"Great course. Will definitely come again and tell others. Good luck guys!"

"Well done. Look forward to next year."

Clearwater, FL - December 3, 2005

"Very informative, excellent class."

"Very well done, organized with valuable info."

"Excellent presentation."

"Not an equal amount of time spent on Hydro as compared to
Electric or Traction elevators."

"Great class!"

"Great course. Look forward to next one. Thanks."

"Most of the class was very good."

"Very well presented."

Altamonte Springs (Orlando Area), FL - June 11, 2005

"It was the best informative class ever attended.  You guys did a great job.  Eight hours
is not enough time to cover all the material that you have to explain.  Amazing job."

"Very good class.  Please notify me of future classes in Orlando."

"Passionate instruction, effectively delivered, informative and up to date."

"Very good presentation.  Looking forward to next class and will tell other people to attend."

"This class was really great.  You guys are really great.  I'll be back to see you.  Keep me informed."

Miami, FL - May 24, 2005 (AHJ Class)

"I really found so much useful info and enjoyed the format of training.  The staff are wonderful."

"Great class."

"Thanks for the materials and such a great class."

"Very informative and excellent presentation."

"Excellent class.  Inspections and tests should be at beginning and not at end."

"Very good class.  Well spoken speakers."

"Tom / Bill, excellent Continuing Education Class."

Clearwater, FL - May 21, 2005

"Thanks for all your professionalism and information."

"I found the course very informative and feel Bill & Tom are very qualified and knowledgeable.  Thank You!"

"Excellent refresher course.  A lot of updated material was covered."

"Great class!"

Fort Lauderdale, FL - April 9, 2005

"Very informative, well presented and organized."

"Very informative, quality class.  All classes should be this good."

"Nice location, good hotel!  Very informative.  Thank you guys.  Very insightful and a nice opportunity to see what being an inspector is all about.  The video display was high-tech and the presentation was great.  Next time get better doughnuts!"

"A very insightful and knowledgeable class.  Thank you."

"Bill, like always it's been a pleasure attending your class.  Tom, like yourself, is a delight to listen and learn from.  Look forward to taking your classes in the future"

"I think that handouts should have been given out with the changes in the code.  Also should have been told to bring our code books to class (to highlight changes).  I was told to bring nothing, everything will be there.  Bill, Tom, great job.  I did enjoy the class."

"Good information about codes.  I'm very satisfied."

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